Comcast – Now with a Lot More Football

Suddenly life as a Comcast subscriber has become a bit more pleasant. Not sure how I missed this, but apparantly as of August 1st us Comcast folks should have access to NFL Network!! I’ll need to confirm when I get home, but that’s awesome news. Also of note here, is that apparantly Comcast and ESPN360 are buddy buddy as well, […]

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Engadget HD Podcast 149 – 08.05.2009

Good lineup of content covering the last week over at Engadget. Show notes below. Listen to the show here . Program 00:00:50 – Comments from Engadget HD Podcast 148 – 07.29.2009 The Moxi Summer update brings the Moxi Mate, SDV support and more RCN making cobranded TiVO boxes its ‘primary DVR platform’ in 2010 Poll: Do you / will you […]

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Vivitek Announces first Sub-$1000 Projector


I am still a long way away from having the proper home to have a projector, but this is a good sign of things to come. With the prices of LCD’s plummeting lower every month, it’s good to see prices on projectors drop a bit as well. Never heard of Vivitek however…so can’t wait to see a review on it. […]

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Deciphering Netflix Pricing Strategy


Very interesting article from Consumerist which analyzes the pricing structure of Netflix and how it works. Pretty interesting to see it not apply to the most common pricing, but I’m sure they’re relying on users to not be the intense users and constantly be sending and receiving new movies. I know even I have sat on a few discs for […]

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WD TV HD Media Player Hacked and Put to Good Use


Now we’re talking! Let all these guys compete with each other on standard features, but let the geeks hack it and add whatever they want to it! Smart call if you’re the manufacturer…just look at how many routers Linksys has sold strictly because they allowed this type of activity.   eHomeUpgrade I’ve been hearing the quiet rumblings of people hacking […]

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Hands-on review: Yahoo Video on your TV


Raise your hand if you didn’t know Yahoo even had a Video for your TV application. Ok, good to know I am not alone here. I suppose the interface isn’t horrible, and apparantly the quality is actually pretty good…but when I hear Yahoo! and TV, I just get sad that it’s not Meedio.   C|Net When launched, the Video widget […]

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Audioholics $500 and $750 Receiver Roundup


Selecting a receiver is a critical part of any home theater. It handles all of your inputs and switching between devices, not to mention the sound quality going out to your speakers. Of course, with receivers ranging in price as little as $100 to over $5000, selecting the right one for you is never easy. Here’s some comparison guides from […]

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