Comcast – Now with a Lot More Football

Suddenly life as a Comcast subscriber has become a bit more pleasant. Not sure how I missed this, but apparantly as of August 1st us Comcast folks should have access to NFL Network!! I’ll need to confirm when I get home, but that’s awesome news. Also of note here, is that apparantly Comcast and ESPN360 are buddy buddy as well, so even better (for sports fans).

Zatz Not Funny

Somehow back in May I missed the earth-shattering news that Comcast and the NFL Network had finally come to a peaceful resolution in a years-long standoff. After much “friendly” haggling, Comcast finally agreed to carry the network by August 1st with no additional fee required from digital subscribers. As with the dispute over the the Big Ten Network, it was all a matter of finding the right price. In the end, the NFL didn’t have to given over any channel equity, but it did reduce the cost per subscriber from 70 cents to just over 50 cents on average.