Report: Little Interest in Paying for Networked Set-Top Box

I’m really not all that surprised by this report given that $3-6 additional for a set top box is pretty significant if you’re already only paying $8, especially for the rarely used sling features for most people. More people are spending time at home, so of course they’re going to want their STB to be able to take in more content…essentially what we’ve had with our HTPC’s for years now.

Home Media Mag

Less than 10% of broadband households in the United States would be willing to pay from $3 to $6 per month to link their cable set-top box devices to the Internet. However, Parks Associates said about 33% of U.S. broadband homes are interested in networked set-top boxes, which the Dallas-based research firm said would result in increased demand for interactive and personalized TV services and would push annual worldwide set-top box shipments over 200 million by 2013.