Hands-on review: Yahoo Video on your TV


Raise your hand if you didn’t know Yahoo even had a Video for your TV application. Ok, good to know I am not alone here. I suppose the interface isn’t horrible, and apparantly the quality is actually pretty good…but when I hear Yahoo! and TV, I just get sad that it’s not Meedio.



When launched, the Video widget displays a thumbnail of a featured video along with buttons that link to channels like movies, sports and news (sadly, no finance). Some of these channels are great; the news and sports ones provide the top stories from the AP and generally content-rich. (We counted 15 videos under the US News category one day.) The Kids Movies channel is also surprisingly robust and offers a variety of trailers and clips for upcoming and recent releases. Then there are features like the regular Movies channel, which offers a handful of outdated movie trailers, and awkwardly promoted specialized content. While a strange addition, we could definitely see people interested in being able to easily access cooking advice videos from their kitchen TV. But a Nascar channel? We’re still trying to figure that one out.