Digeo updates the Moxi HD DVR and releases the Moxi Mate


Digeo certainly is determined in their Moxi product line, and it’s good to see them continue to innovate. I’m ecstatic that they decided to include a standard EPG guide with this new update, as I never was a fan of their unconvential way of browsing TV. Also coming out is the Moxi Mate, and extender-like device which has some nice features announced. Also of note, is their inclusion of Switched Digital Video support, something us MCE users are still waiting for.



So the Moxi Mate. This is designed to be a second room streaming device. You’re limited to only one per full size Moxi HD DVR though. The little fanless device allows you to stream all the content from the full size to the second room. In addition to the remote content, the Moxi Mate can also access all the network content via the DLNA network and PlayOn software. However, a person cannot tune in stations nor schedule recordings from the Moxi Mate.