Cat5e Component Video/Digital Audio Extender


If you have the need to run some absurdly long high definition cables throughout your house, this may be a new option for you. Then again, if you have a house that large there’s good chances you aren’t going to be doing any of that work yourself. 🙂



Each of the Audio Authority sets support video up to 1080p and the audio connection supports full bandwidth multi-channel, digital surround audio signals. What is nice is that the unit runs on phantom power up to 700 feet. If you find that your run is farther (or perhaps the signal needs boosting) you can connect an 18v power supply. The gain equalization is installer controlled for maximum This gives you a lot of flexibility in setup. There are two versions of the Cat5e extender – the SCP-11 and the SCP-11D. Both cost the same ($299) and come with a receiver and a transmitter, power supply, and mounting screws. The difference is the SCP-11D has a decora style plate for attractive wall mounting. The inserts come in white, ivory, and almond. The transmitters and receivers can be mixed and matched.