The Top 10 Blu-ray Releases So Far This Year

An interesting look at the top Blu-ray releases this year, not necessarily by sales but what an author from High Def Digest feels are the best in general. Some quality picks here and you could do far worse than any of these. Watchmen is still on my list of must haves although I do agree with his comments.

High Def Digest

Sure, the lack of the theatrical cut is a sore spot (and, where, exactly, is that teaser trailer that got everybody excited about the movie in the first place?), but its "Maximum Movie Mode" option, which really is just a glorified version of Universal’s U-Control feature, seems somewhat groundbreaking. A combination of visual commentary (with Snyder stepping into picture, sometimes stopping and rewinding the scene he’s talking about), alternate timeline (showing where the "real world" and "Watchmen world" differ in key historical events), and pop-up commentaries and photo galleries, it feels a little bit too overstuffed but at the same time feels completely new. While watching it you get the sensation that this, THIS, is what Blu-ray is really capable.