RVU Alliance Aims to Take Over Your Home

I’m not sure how I feel about this, but Adam has some interesting points about how this could all develop. My concern with this sort of "alliance" is if they develop non-open standard technologies which then give them such an advantage over competitors, which usually winds up in delivering less for consumers.


With the ability to stream protected HD content to every TV in my home as well as be able to access content on my HTPC, this could be a great solution. What still needs to be seen is whether the alliance can make it all come together in a UI that people want to use, and if it’ll actually support all the content we want to stream. If they say you can access content on your PC but then restrict that to two different codecs or containers, then it’s a showstopper. If on the other hand I can get HD content not only to my televisions but to my PCs and portable devices as well, this may be the system that brings a whole home solution into a ton of homes.