What Happened to Escient Vision Media Servers?


Not sure the familiarity our audience has with Escient given its CEDIA-based marketplace, but they were known for developing their own linux-based movie and music ripping media servers. The interface was simple but effective, and they definitely had a following. CEPro is purely speculating here based on what they see and have heard, but who would blame them if all the recent announcements have scared them off from supporting the movie ripping systems.


If it is indeed true that Escient is shelving the Vision line, many will speculate that the company was responding to legal issues surrounding DVD copying. It’s doubtful that is the case. The courts may be years away from a decision on the matter. More likely, the expense of developing, building and supporting the movie servers just wasn’t worth it. D&M has been in the news lately for its non-participation in CEDIA Expo 2009. The company’s brands include Denon, Marantz, Snell, Boston Acoustics and Escient.