Boxee Box Release new Firmware with LOTS of Fixes

For those early adopters out there who jumped on the D-Link Boxee Box and experienced some issues, there’s some good news. Here’s a new firmware you can easily grab and has a ton of fixes and even some enhancements. As always, proceed with caution any time you do a firmware upgrade that just came out.


    * Settings to control de-interlacing and video filters configuration
    * Support for language selection in subtitle/audio
    * Forced subtitle automatic selection during MKV file playback
    * An option to ignore the prefix in the sort order for movies/albums/artists which start with ‘The’ and ‘A’ (big one!)
    * Enhancements to Browser performance
    * Browser opens in lower resolution to allow easier reading of text
    * Browser is zoomed into Video by default for non auto full screen websites
    * Direct launch of website when defining full URL in the search bar
    * Preselecting the current chapter when opening chapter selector for MKV/BluRay

Boxee Blog

  • I had a hands on w/ Boxee

    I had a hands on w/ Boxee while at CES (more info on that later) and checked out the latest firmware.  The VODU streaming quality was excellent, I don’t have a PS3 or Samsung client to compare but from what I saw I liked.

  • They need to hurry up and

    They need to hurry up and update the PC version, there’s a lot of bug fixes I see here I could put to use.