Set Unknown Network to Private

Public Network

Disclaimer: This is a fairly worthless utility Update: Ceton has informed me that the reason the current InfiniTV4 driver sets their network interface to Public is due to a potential tuner discovery issue. Ceton is looking into how to safely change it to private. I’m going to keep the tool available to allow users to reset the InfiniTV4 interface back […]

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Intel Sandy Bridge: Core i5-2500K and DH67BL Motherboard

When Intel gambled by packaging its graphics processing unit (GPU) with the central processing unit (CPU) in last year’s Clarkdale the home theater PC (HTPC) niche benefited immensely from the power saving, performance gain and features like HD audio bit streaming provided by the new platform.  The bet obviously paid off, because this year’s Sandy Bridge melds the GPU and […]

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