Blu-ray Releases – January 11, 2011

Oh Piranha, how you tempted me greatly to be the pick of the week. Your combination of style, substance, and absurd amount of blood and gratituitous nudity made you a worthwhile competitor. For those younger audiences, Raging Bull and Once Upon A Time in America are CLASSICS and pretty much established Robert Deniro in the world. If you haven’t seen […]

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Giveaway #20 – Windows Home Server


THANKS FOR PARTICIPATING, THIS CONTEST HAS ENDED!!   ENTER TO WIN:   MICROSOFT WINDOWS HOME SERVERWITH POWER PACK 3 Thanks to our friends at Blue Monkey Communications, we have up for grabs the ever so popular Microsoft Windows Home Server with Power Pack 3! This is of course the popular home server solution from Microsoft that provides all sorts of […]

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Intel D525MW Mini-ITX Motherboard


In the past few years, Intel has really taken some steps in dominating the low power, small form factor board market. Today we have the Intel D525MW mini-ITX motherboard in our labs for review. The board is small, low powered and does not have a single fan on it. Don’t confuse this for a Clarkdale or Sandy Bridge system however, […]

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