WMC7 TV Recording Schedule Backup


Do you have multiple Win7 Media Center systems around your house or just often get bored and reinstall? If so, you surely have dealt with the PITA that is re-configuring all of your scheduled recordings and your guide data. Well, here’s a little app that’s supposed to fix it. Fair warning, even the developer admits not a ton of testing […]

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Sandy Bridge Design Flaw Forces Recall

This is some disheartening news, Intel has revealed a silicon design flaw in their Sandy Bridge line of CPU’s and Chipsets. After a raving review by Missingremote’s Andy VanTil, hopefully Intel can fix this issue quickly and not delay the further roll-out of the Sandy Bridge line.  Intel said Monday that it discovered a design flaw in a chipset circuit and has “implemented a silicon fix.” […]

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Beginner’s Guide to HTPC Basics


Continuing our series of Beginner’s Guides for HTPC and Home Theater, this guide offers ten basic tips for getting your HTPC up and running smoothly.  Most of these were learned the hard way, hope that sharing means you don’t have to 🙂 1. Dedicate a physical drive for recording TV: Recording and scanning big TV files for commercials hits a […]

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Moovida 3D media center: the future or gimmick?


I’ve read about Moovida before and I’ve even checked out their website, but anyone actually have any experience using it? I looked at its features, and it needs to do way more than just have a fancy interface for me to switch…but maybe I’m wrong. As I’ve said before, I think having more players in this space is a good […]

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Samsung New QWERTY Remote in the future?


Obviously you can’t fully judge these leaked FCC images, but man…it’s remotes like this that A) Make me understand how Apple products are so good, and B) Makes me appreciate my Harmony remote. MAN that’s a LOT of buttons!! it looks like Samsung has an alternative Bluetooth remote planned for its Smart TVs (but not any Google TV products judging […]

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Android Remote Media Center app available

Tired of iPhone getting all of the apps? Well fear not my fellow Android users, a solution for controlling you Media Center has arrived. This uses the remote potato server for its functionality. Browse and search the EPG Grid Browse and Schedule recordings Browse channels and programs Watch videos Watch recorded tv Listen to music Browse pictures. The Green Button

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LG Optimus V Android Smart Phone

IMG_0347 [1024x768].JPG

I realize this is only loosely related to home theater, but I picked up the just released LG Optimus V smart phone for Virgin Mobile. This isn’t the best spec’d or sexiest phone out there, but it packs a lot of value for $149. Even better to me is that there is no contract and I can choose a plan […]

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