WMC7 TV Recording Schedule Backup


Do you have multiple Win7 Media Center systems around your house or just often get bored and reinstall? If so, you surely have dealt with the PITA that is re-configuring all of your scheduled recordings and your guide data. Well, here’s a little app that’s supposed to fix it. Fair warning, even the developer admits not a ton of testing has been done, so proceed with caution.

There is nothing fancy here, scans for your tv schedule for series that are setup, saves a copy, and allows you to then import those series onto another PC or fresh load.  Please keep in mind that only MINIMAL testing has been done.  I have migrated a few schedules from one PC to another without issue, however please use this at your OWN RISK.  Importing the same show more than once will cause duplicate entries in the recording schedule.

WMC7 TV Recording Backup

  • this is a huge time saver. I

    this is a huge time saver.


    I just had netflix suddenly start crashing WMC and the only way I can seem to fix it is to reinstall W7, which I always hate doing on my HTPC because of the tuner setup and recording schedualing.


    this is great!

    • I wish I had seen this about

      I wish I had seen this about six weeks ago.  I can’t even recall how many times I’ve reinstalled all my software for my Media Center PC in that time (approaching a dozen, I’m sure).  With each and every reinstall I’ve had to go back and set up my season passes from scratch, which took about an hour with each reinstall. 

      I just tried this app and I had all my season passes back and scheduled in no time at all.  I saved my schedule from the previous setup and restored it with the latest setup.  I did have to install .NET framework 4 from scratch because for some reason it didn’t get included in the Win 7 Service Pack 1 setup.  The install actually went faster than performing the various updates so it wasn’t all that big of a deal.  I then performed a guide data update and then looked over the scheduled recordings list to weed out any reruns and silly FX 3-minute replays.

      The irony is that I think I’ve finally got my HTPC to a stable build and I’m hoping that I won’t need to use this app again.  I will, however, perform a backup whenever I make any changes to my season passes in the future so I’ll know I always have a current backup if I ever need it.

      Thanks for a great app.

  • Looks like there may be a

    Looks like there may be a slight problem.

    I am missing several series in the list of “series” revealed by pushing that button.

    The series which are missing have special characters in the program title:

    (1) “Mr. Sunshine”, which is the only series name which has a period in it.

    (2) “Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows Best?” which has both a colon and a question mark.

    At least one series name that includes an apostrophe does not seem to cause a problem, and appears in the list of series as it should.  But these others, with special characters in the program name… they seem to be missing from the list.