Microsoft Connected Devices Displayed at CES

Hrmm…so was this everything you had hoped for from the recent news of a Microsoft offering against the Boxees and AppleTVs? Me neither, but I do think it’s a step in the right direction. They are still going to have the price discrepancy which will be hard for a lot of consumers to overcome, not to mention all the platform […]

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Hauppauge Colossus HD PVR Officially Announced

Hauppauge Colossus HD PVR

At CES today Hauppauge officially announced their new Colossus High Definition H.264 Video Recorder. It is similiar to their existing USB HD PVR but is an internal PCI-E card and includes unencrypted HDMI up to 1080i. In the same press release SageTV announced support for the Colossus in SageTV 7.x. We hope to have a hands on with the Colossus […]

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VUDU – Video On Demand Perfected?


I recently took a look at VUDU’s high-definition (HD) video on demand (VOD) service by viewing Christopher Nolan’s latest blockbuster, Inception. While watching using my Samsung TV’s built-in VUDU app, I experienced something amazing. Was it a dream or a dream realized? VUDU promotes itself as a premium, instant and “eye-popping” 1080p streaming VOD service with day-and-date release and the […]

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Forum Rearrangement Announcement

In case you haven’t visited our forums lately, you may have noticed quite a significant change…there’s only 5 forums now! In an effort to assist all our readers, both super techy and absolute rookies, we felt that a more consolodiated approach to our forums would help everyone worry more about just asking their questions or posting their topics without having […]

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