Sharp to brand LCD HDTVs with Pioneer’s Elite Moniker

This type of news just makes me cringe from head to toe. Nothing against Sharp, but this is just beyond shady. I’m sure Pioneer is getting a pretty penny for this, but man it’s a shame given the legacy the Elite brand has. Why can’t Pioneer just bring back the Kuro line already.

Here’s what we do know thanks to an industry source. The new line of LCDs will be sold by Sharp, via Pioneer Elite dealers exclusively. This marketing-sales relationship takes “name branding” to a whole new level. No non-Elite Pioneer or Sharp dealers will have access to the new models.

It won’t be the full Sharp product line, only select models maxing out at 70-inches. The Elite LCDs will be differentiated from other Sharp models with a different look, the Elite badges and different performance features. What performance features, we don’t yet know. All service, customer and otherwise, will be handled by Sharp USA.


  • Naturally an ‘Elite’ moniker

    Naturally an ‘Elite’ moniker should suggest top-of-the-line quality.  If the Sharp sets prove to be top-of-the-line then the product naming convention will be moot to anyone who buys one.

  •     Made by Sharp? I think

        Made by Sharp? I think these are horrible  HDTV’s. I think they should have gone with Panasonic. After all Panasonic hired there entire design teem.Smile