Samsung New QWERTY Remote in the future?


Obviously you can’t fully judge these leaked FCC images, but man…it’s remotes like this that A) Make me understand how Apple products are so good, and B) Makes me appreciate my Harmony remote. MAN that’s a LOT of buttons!!

it looks like Samsung has an alternative Bluetooth remote planned for its Smart TVs (but not any Google TV products judging by that Yahoo! button on the remote side) that features standard buttons on one side and a full QWERTY keyboard on the other, much like the Boxee Box’s remote. Judging by the ruler in the remarkably unflattering FCC photos, this one appears to be a bit larger and it’s not immediately clear what that display on the QWERTY side is for.


  • This remote actually isn’t

    This remote actually isn’t too bad. You should see my Denon remote from 2000!

  • not fair! you can’t compare

    not fair! you can’t compare an AVR remote to a TV remote!!! So many more functions. But that does remind of the first Anthem Processor I ever had the
    “pleasure” of playing with….felt like a billion buttons!

    • Yeah, but you have to

      Yeah, but you have to remember that today’s TVs are capable of so much more than changing a few channels so they are becoming just as complex as an AVR in many ways.

  • What is crazy is that Samsung

    What is crazy is that Samsung obviously puts a high value on aesthetics in their HDTVs but that remote is fugly.

    • Maybe they know most sensible

      Maybe they know most sensible people store them away and use a universal Smile

  • What is that little window

    What is that little window above the qwerty keypad?  Is that a monochrome LCD preview window or something like that?

    I’m guessing that before too long there’ll be a whole boatload of old tech (read: current tech) smart phones floating around that many will be pressed into a secondary service to act at home remotes after they get replaced by new tech.  These phones are PDAs/puters afterall…they got the power.

    Old smart phones might someday obsolete dedicated remotes like this one…who knows?!?!?