Water by Low Carbon PC Review

Our friends at DMZ have posted a new review from boutique HTPC makers Low Carbon PC (who I admittedly had never heard of). The box is nice enough, at an MSRP of $799 though. I can’t stop staring at the wireless keyboard, which looks like it was ripped off of a laptop. Still, they seem to like it.

With a computer like the Water you have to start by talking about its appearance. Visual appeal is largely subjective of course, but I love the clean design, the smoothly curved edges, and the aluminum case of the entire line of Low Carbon PCs. While they aren’t black, like many audio/video components that you’ll have near your television, their beauty and simplicity will fit right in with most setups. The front is very clean as it only has a circular power button surrounded by an LED for power and CPU notifications. Above that is a tray-load optical drive that is painted to match the aluminum case.


  • Keyboard is an older Adesso

    Keyboard is an older Adesso SlimTouch. Bought one 4 years ago to use with my HTPC.