$100 1TB SSD Drive?

A bit of a teaser subject line, but Computer World has an interesting article comparing the cost of DRAM to NAND.   Seeing that MLC NAND has crossed the .50/GB barrier, how much longer till we see a 1TB SSD for $100.   Anyone out there brave enough to predict a date?  Mike: Could make for a good MissingRemote contest!

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Warpia StreamHD SWP120A


In the past year several companies have avoided the “media player” conversation instead opting to focus their efforts on wirelessly streaming their HDMI signal from their laptop directly to their HD televsisions. What Veebeam and Brite-View have done well, each with their own pros and cons, is now where Warpia is attempting to compete with their StreamHD SWP120A unit. Leveraging […]

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Roku 2 Is Now Official


The Roku 2 has not been a secret for a while now thanks to the FCC, but it would appear that it is now completely in the open. Roku has finally made the official announcement about their new lineup of media streamers. The new Roku boxes are not major upgrades, but do bring some interesting new features and some new […]

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