Self Install CableCARD Mandatory Nov 1

Well look at how things have evolved. This is great news for consumers who don’t have to waste their time waiting for techs to arrive, insert a card and dial a number (the CableCARD installation process). The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced Tuesday that the effective date for some new tweaks to the existing CableCARD rules is Aug. 8, but […]

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Check Out MC screenshots in Windows 8

Looks like MediaCenter is still going to be included inside of Windows 8. Based off the screen shots nothing really has changes but the version number is different. This is a good sign with Microsoft still going to support it at this point. Nothing looks to have changed with the UI yet, apart from the version number, but these pictures […]

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Grace Digital GDI-IRMS300 Internet Micro Hi-Fi Stereo System


With Pandora recently going public never has there been more of an attention and focus surrounding streaming radio services. Grace Digital is a company which focuses specifically on media in the home have targeted the GDI-IRMS300 Internet Micro Hi-Fi Stereo System for the home audio enthusiast who is looking to integrate streaming Internet audio into their home without the need […]

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Logitech Revue Price Slashed in Half

Logitech Revue.png

It sounds like May’s price reduction of the GoogleTV-based Logitech Revue to $199 wasn’t enough to goose sales of the struggling device because Logitech has decided to reduce the price again this quarter to $99. Apparently, the whole affair has been enough to cause Logitech and now former CEO, Gerald P. Quindlen, to part ways. Even with the new pricing, it’s a […]

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