Orb Networks releases Orb Live

I’ve always been interested in Orb Networks as they used to provide a free “Slingbox” app for your HTPC which allowed you to stream live or recorded TV shows from your home to where ever you are.    Unfortunately, it didn’t like to share the TV tuner with Media Center (nor could it deal with the CableCard tuner) but it did […]

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Revisit Windows XP Media Center with Paul Thurrott

Paul Thurrott takes a look back at Windows XP Media Center. Looks at the highs and lows of Windows Media Center and what all the different updates brought and where we are today. This retrospective focuses on the XP versions of Windows Media Center as well as related products of that era, including Media Center Extenders and Portable Media Center. […]

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IOGEAR GKM581R Wireless HTPC Keyboard


Often a good wireless keyboard/mouse all-in-one separates a good home theater PC (HTPC) experience from frustration.  Unsung when functioning properly and abused otherwise, it is critical to select a device with good range and a feature set that matches the expected use–which if it includes anything more than casual typing a larger keyboard is the way to go.  With up […]

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