Orb Networks releases Orb Live

I’ve always been interested in Orb Networks as they used to provide a free “Slingbox” app for your HTPC which allowed you to stream live or recorded TV shows from your home to where ever you are.    Unfortunately, it didn’t like to share the TV tuner with Media Center (nor could it deal with the CableCard tuner) but it did handle WTV files and I did use it occasionally to watch a recorded show on my phone.  But I didn’t find myself using it enough to justify hacking my firewall to allow the magic wakeup packet through to the HTPC.

Anyways, it appears Orb has moved into selling hardware.  They’ve also just released a $9.99 iPhone app.  The Orb Caster software is still a free download and it will also stream Hulu as well (which gets around Hulu’s mobile tax, which I can’t imagine they’ll be happy about).   Need to find some time to investigate whether it will still playback on a browser from the Orb website.

If Orb can ever manage to get CableCard certification, it would make it a pretty compelling addition.   Anyone have it working with a Colossus + IR Blaster?

  • I went ahead and reinstalled

    I went ahead and reinstalled Orb Caster on my HTPC.   The software appears to be much improved and streams from a web browser and to the iPad quite nicely.    Will have to do more testing next time I’m traveling.    Go to http://mycast.orb.com to create yourself an account.