Windows Media Center Guide Editor 2.0.1

Here’s an awesome tool I never knew existed, that allows you to edit the Guide data in your Windows 7MC system via the 2′, which is a lot easier than via remote if you have a ton of channels. If you want an easy way to edit your Windows Media Center guide data there is a new tool that could […]

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Blu-ray Releases – July 5, 2011

I will start this week’s Blu-ray picks by saying this–13 Assassins was THIS close to being my pick of the week, and is an absolutely wonderful film by the legendary Takashi Miike director. It’s a wonderful mix of the blood and violence with the legend of the Samurai–it’s a nice change from some of the gruesome bloodfests of Miike’s past. […]

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Fractal Designs Define R3


When selecting the perfect chassis to serve content to the audio/video stack a different set of attributes is required than what is typically demanded from a home theater PC (HTPC) enclosure.  The ideal server must be able to scale to support multiple hard drives, keep everything cool and not sound like a shop-vac in the process.  With eight 3.5” hard […]

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