Windows Media Center Guide Editor 2.0.1

Here’s an awesome tool I never knew existed, that allows you to edit the Guide data in your Windows 7MC system via the 2′, which is a lot easier than via remote if you have a ton of channels.

If you want an easy way to edit your Windows Media Center guide data there is a new tool that could be helpful. GuideEditor 2.0.1 enables you to edit the the channel sources, re-order the channels and rename the channels.


  • Oh man. I go to TDL fairly
    Oh man. I go to TDL fairly often and I totally missed this. I have to add 3/4 of my channels manually, this will come in extremely handy.

  • good find. I am excited about
    good find. I am excited about this..

  • I definitely need a tutorial

    I definitely need a tutorial on this one.

    I have 4 HDHR available tuners and also 2 Tuners from a Haup 2250. Now the Haup was giving me issues so I removed it but the guide occasionally shows a window that says it won’t be able to record a show because the tuner is disabled, it still records fine though. When I saw this tool I thought it would be my easy fix to somehow remove the tuner as a source for all the channels. 

    Any thoughts? I was hoping I could avoid re-scanning again. 

    • I used Guide Tool to do

      I used Guide Tool to do something like that with my new Media Center PC.  I had backed up my lineup and recordings with the MCE backup app from TDL, then restored it on the new one.  When I moved my Ceton card to the new Media Center, it duplicated all of the channels, so I had to go through and delete the duplicates in Guide Tool or I would get errors like that.

      I don’t know if this software has the same capability or not.  At least the UI for this looks a little more intuitive than Guide Tool.  I still don’t understand most of the options in that program.