Ceton Diagnostic Media Center Plugin Beta Release

Back in February Josh Pollard from The Digital Media Zone had created a simple diagnostics Ceton Cable Card tool for Media Center. Now fast forward today and Ceton has now released their official diagnostics tool. While the tool is still in beta form, it still allows for full visibility into the tuner, its settings, health, signal, you name it.

The utility which is a native 7MC plugin, allows for full access into those of you who are running the Ceton cable card tuner. The great thing about utilities like these is you no longer have to run and find your keyboard and mouse to load up the web browser diagnostics tool. It is now all within the Media Center UI.

Ceton, makers of the fantastic InfiniTV 4 and InfiniTV 4 USB, have released a new Windows Media Center plugin that allows you to view diagnostic data from their tuners right from within Media Center. If you’ve used an InfiniTV 4 tuner then you already know that you can access a website from your Media Center PC to view the full offering of diagnostic information from the tuner, but if you just want to view the tuner temperature, signal strength, or something else, quickly from your couch, then firing up a web browser on the HTPC isn’t the most convenient solution.

The Digital Media Zone

  • Btw…if you install make

    Btw…if you install make sure to go to extra libriarys > ceton > start menu for some extra features.

  • That’s cool to have this in

    That’s cool to have this in the MC environment.  Great news.  Thx.