MCE 7 Reset Toolbox Version 3 Released

Another great tool for Windows 7 Media Center has been released. This time MCE 7 Reset Toolbox. This tool is the “Swiss army knife” of Media Center. MCE 7 Reset Toolbox allows you to perform everything from full backups, themes, channel editing, and any other full customizations you would ever want to do to Media Center. I personally don’t have […]

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Using the Native Video and Picture Library


Using the Native Video and Picture Library Recently we created a guide on how to use the Movie Library within Microsoft Windows 7 Media Center (“7MC”). Today we are going to look at adding files to the native Video and Pictures Library. This guide will cover: 1. How to add files to the library 2. What types of files can […]

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Ceton Diagnostic Media Center Plugin Beta Release

Back in February Josh Pollard from The Digital Media Zone had created a simple diagnostics Ceton Cable Card tool for Media Center. Now fast forward today and Ceton has now released their official diagnostics tool. While the tool is still in beta form, it still allows for full visibility into the tuner, its settings, health, signal, you name it. The […]

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TweakMC updated for Windows 7

If you remember the days of TweakMC back in the Vista Media Center era you will remember it was a great utility for customizing Media Center. Enabling the DVD Library which was disabled by default. Fixing overscan issues, you name it, TweakMC did it. A member over at the Windows Experts Community (formerly The Green Button) has found the original […]

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Windows Media Center Guide Editor 2.0.1

Here’s an awesome tool I never knew existed, that allows you to edit the Guide data in your Windows 7MC system via the 2′, which is a lot easier than via remote if you have a ton of channels. If you want an easy way to edit your Windows Media Center guide data there is a new tool that could […]

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