TweakMC updated for Windows 7

If you remember the days of TweakMC back in the Vista Media Center era you will remember it was a great utility for customizing Media Center. Enabling the DVD Library which was disabled by default. Fixing overscan issues, you name it, TweakMC did it.

A member over at the Windows Experts Community (formerly The Green Button) has found the original source code for TweakMC, re-complied it and updated it for Windows 7. Head over to the forums and check it out.

Well, I just made TweakMC even better!  I added options under the “TV” menu so you can adjust your fast forward and rewind speeds!  I’ve attached a file to this post.  The file contains the source code, a batch file for compiling, and it also contains the executable file TweakMC.exe.  You don’t even need to buy a compiler!

Windows Experts Community