Blu-ray Releases – July 26, 2011

This was a tough week to pick, and not because of a lack of options. National Lampoon’s Animal House is arguably one of the best college-type comedies of all time, and John Belushi is absolutely hilarious in it. Then if you wanted to pick a fast new action film, Source Code looked like a decent offering as well. Donnie Darko […]

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LG Smart TV Upgrader Review

Here’s a review from HDGuru on a LG Smart TV device designed to upgrade your television to a “smart” tv. The guru seems to love the picture quality and only notes the price as a big caveat, but a glance over at reviews on Amazon are much less flattering. You get the expected HDMI output, plus optical for those inclined […]

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ReplayTV pulls the plug on EPG

Here’s a bummer.    Replay TV has finally killed their EPG download.    I was an early adoptor and had given my old units to my dad and mother-in-law.   It was pre-announced some time ago, but today my dad complained.     It’s not supposed to go off until the 31st, but I guess if you have everything up to that date, it must be […]

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Image received an update over the weekend, bringing one of the more ambitious Windows Media Center plugins in recent memory up to version 2.6. The new features enhance the Movie and TV Show Views that were added with the 2.5 release and focus on improving and expanding the search funtionality built into The most obvious change is the new optional […]

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