Eight New Intel Sandy Bridge Parts to be Released Soon

Core and Pentium Retail Boxes

At the end of May, Intel introduced new Sandy Bridge architecture Pentium-branded chips that offer great performance for HTPCs on a budget. Things are about to get even cheaper with three new 35W T-branded parts (Pentium G530T, Pentium G630T and Core i3-2120T) . The rest of the non-T parts coming are Pentium G630, Pentium G860, Core i3-2125 (with HD3000 graphics), […]

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Ceton InfiniTV 4 in MythTV 0.24

For our MythTV users (I’ve got a system running myself) check out this three part blog on adding Ceton InfiniTV support to your MythTV 0.24 system courtesy of developer Ron Frazier. With the pending release of the SiliconDust HD Homerun Prime, I was getting pretty excited about getting a cablecard tuner for MythTV. However, then something wonderful happened…Ceton decided to drop the […]

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