Chieftec HTPC (HT01SL) Micro ATX Case


Not a terrible looking case, but pretty much similar to what’s been done before by other companies. It’s 89 pounds, so that’s what, $150 US? Not terrible, but there’s a lot of competition at that price so I’m not sure this one stands out though. Read on for the full review.

Xtreme Computing

The Chieftec HT-01SL is a nice case, it looks very nice, and it was relatively easy to work with for a small case. I did originally intend to fit a non standard cooler but it was too tall so I had to resort to a stock AMD cooler, albeit a heat pipe cooler from a quad core cpu so this should have been more than enough to keep my dual core under control. However with the lid on the case within 20 minutes or so the temperature had risen an indicated 10 degrees and the fan speed had increased by over 1000 rpm and the noise from it was becoming noticeable, this was with the pc at idle, less than 1v on the core and running at 800mhz so it would seem my concerns about airflow weren’t entirely unfounded.