This is one nice looking TV! 55-inch LCD’s are definitely not the norm, and unfortunately that brings with it a hefty price tag when they do come around. But if you’re looking at that size, I’m sure you’re debating between this or a plasma, I doubt you can go wrong here. Especially when the only complaints the author found were no SD slot and ethernet port…I doubt those are dealbreakers for anyone. Weighs 90lbs with the stand, so make sure you have a friend to help you unbox it!


The LG 55LH90 is one impressive HDTV – it has a stylish design and delivers a world-class picture. The quality gap between good plasmas and LCD HDTVs with full array backlighting has narrowed tremendously. Unfortunately, the price gap is still cavernous. A 54-inch Panasonic TC-54G10 THX Certified Display goes for $1,600 at a legit online retailer, while the LG tips scales at $2,700. You can buy an awful lot of BD discs for that cash, along with a dynamite player. Granted, it’s not a total apples-to-apples comparison, but until prices drop for the new generation of LED HDTVs, plasma keeps the winning edge. Just as we did for Toshiba, we give LG engineers kudos for designing and building a world-class 1080P HDTV. We just wish the price weren’t so high.