Engadget HD Podcast 151 – 08.19.2009

Another good show. I actually caught a bit of this live yesterday and it was quite entertaining, some talks about the validity of the NFL Red Zone channel and Sunday Ticket…which after living with it all of last season, I doubt I can ever live without it again!


Plenty of Microsoft news this week as we just can’t stop talking about the company that we love as much as we hate. For starters the Zune isn’t even out yet and we are already starting to think it won’t live up to its HD name. We roll right along from there into some Media Center news including how to import HD movies into Media Center, and the interesting details of the RVU alliances as potentially competing product. Sony was next on our list as we discussed the new PS3 and what it is and what it isn’t. Finally the show rounds out with a little Netflix Movie Party, Redbox, ripping DVDs and finally FOOTBALL!