Gyration Devices Still alive after all, new mouse announced


Have to be honest, I thought Gyration stopped developing products a while ago. While I was never a fan of their keyboard/mouse devices personally–just never quite got the hang of it–their integrated Gyration Media Center Remote Control I did find very unique and effective. Hopefully they’ve improved their technology with this mouse and made it a bit easier to use.


Business Wire

Movea’s proprietary motion-sensing technology allows Air Mouse Elite users to issue commands and initiate presentation effects by slight wrist movements performed in the air. The mouse’s accuracy and responsiveness is enabled by a technology that uses a tiny gyroscope to measure the angle and speed of movement to move a cursor between two points, thus allowing users to select content or enable features on the mouse simply by pointing in the air. Using radio frequencies, the mouse works up to 100’ away from the computer and is free from interference, even working through walls.