Wireless home theater speakers always have wires

I read this editorial and it reminded me of my buddy in San Diego who has some rear wireless speakers. He hasn’t told me about any issues, what have you guys seen? Any of you using wireless speakers with joy and pleasure?


And get this: most wireless speakers have more wires than standard "wired" speakers. Think about it–a regular speaker has a wire that delivers both power and signal to the speaker. Since wireless speakers aren’t "powered" by your receiver or amplifier, they have to be plugged into an AC power outlet (that, or come with built-in power amps that must be plugged into a power outlet). Another wire connects the amp to each speaker. Affordable wireless speakers are never terribly good speakers. It seems like all of the engineering effort is directed at the wireless part, and sound quality is an afterthought. Sure, transmitting signals to the speaker is relatively easy, but wireless receiver electronics are likely to degrade the sound compared to conventional wire. So wireless costs more and sounds worse! Nice!