Gyration In-Air Media Center Remote


A short review of the Gyration remote. Extreme MHz Gyration, a company respected for their presentation and other unique input devices, has taken your average remote to another level. Their Universal Media Center Remote sports their unique motion-sensing technology to provide in-air cursor control, providing true wireless mouse control via a more reliable 2.4GHz frequency  

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Trust Wireless Vista Remote Control

If you need a relatively inexpensive remote for your Vista HTPC, Trust has an option for you.  Personally I don’t plan to use it since it only works with Vista, but it might be for you. Inside HW We have received a very cute, retro looking remote control. First thing we’ve noticed on packaging was a domain of purpose; it […]

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Creston Announces Windows Sideshow Support

More devices that support SideShow = GoodThing™ Hopefully between these, the elusive sideshow remotes, and multiple software betas for devices we might finally see this technology get used. I think it has so much potential, but the lack of devices is killing it! I want to be able to control my media center without having to turn on the TV […]

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No More Quirky IR for Media Center

Media Center’s “IR toggle codes” mean the platform isn’t very friendly to most universal remotes. At Media Center University at EHX, Autonomic Controls revealed some registry fixes for the quirk and created a script that can solve the problem with the click of a mouse. CE Pro Windows Media Center expects to see two different alternating IR codes for certain […]

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Logitech Harmony One Introduces Significant Evolution in Home-Entertainment Control

LAS VEGAS — CES – Jan. 5, 2008 — Today at the Consumer Electronics Show, Logitech (SWX: LOGN) (NASDAQ: LOGI) unveiled the Harmony® One advanced universal remote control, marking a significant leap in the evolution of the best-selling line of Harmony remotes. Offering the same one-touch, activity-based control as other Harmony remotes, the Harmony One makes controlling home entertainment even […]

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Logitech needs to fix the Harmony

Nothing gets the ole news juices flowing like a quality remote news posting. It almost makes me feel giddy, I would imagine this is how John feels after posting an article then (I’m not even going to correct this – John) is spelling error free. EngadgetHD is feeling a bit on the complainy side today and is taking Logitech to […]

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Harmony 670 Remote

Using 2 or more remotes can quickly drop any sort of WAF you may have had to start out the project. After using a Harmony 880 for a couple of years now, its easy to see why an activity based remote makes life a lot simpler. It as easy as pressing "Watch TV" and everything turns on correctly and the […]

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Sideshow remote platform using Z-wave

Interesting use of Z-wave home automation technology along with the sideshow capability. Control Think Whole-home range using Z-Wave® technology Remotes and devices are set free from the limitations of line-of-sight or short RF range. Using Z-Wave’s industry-leading routing technology, a remote or other device can communicate with the PC in direct range–or it can route signals through other Z-Wave devices […]

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Sideshow Remote Available now


Sorry if I did this incorrectly or if this is old news – this is my first time submitting. Alan: Jason, no worries! Thanks for submitting news. It looks like we can finally get our hands on a sideshow remote. If you follow the link, you can get your very own remote for $249. Yow! That is Harmony’esque pricing for […]

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