Creston Announces Windows Sideshow Support

More devices that support SideShow = GoodThing™

Hopefully between these, the elusive sideshow remotes, and multiple software betas for devices we might finally see this technology get used. I think it has so much potential, but the lack of devices is killing it!

I want to be able to control my media center without having to turn on the TV all the time. Especially for playing music.


Crestron announced today its touchpanels and control systems now support Windows® SideShow™, providing access to a wide-range of PC and Web-based content such as news feeds, sports scores, stock tickers, weather alerts, media guides, email messages, and appointment notifications all through a simple network connection to a Windows Vista™ computer. SideShow content can be viewed on all Crestron touchpanels and 2-way devices that support dynamic text such as the APAD wall mount controller and MLX-2 handheld remote.