TIp Of The Day: Oh Woe Is CableCard

The pros & cons of a Vista Media Center CableCard setup are many and are owed their own article. What it meant to me was a seamless transition from a cable box DVR to a Windows Vista Media Center setup. This, of course, was important to keep my significant other happy and show her the wonders of my new investment. The […]

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PCAlchemyAvideus & MissingRemote.com Giveaway


The HTPC community has come to know PCAlchemy’s commitment to price and service over the years. Recently, as of a couple of days ago, they have extended this commitment to the Avideus line of Media Center PCs. To celebrate this launch and to give back to the HTPC community, MissingRemote.com has teamed up with PCAlchemy to give away a great […]

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