HD enthusiasts crying foul over cable TV’s crunched signals

Its nice to see that quality complaints are starting to move from our little forums to the main stream media. 

On a side note, I had the exact same complaint about BSG on SciFi HD, called my local Comcast office to complain, and they tried to place the blame on me for wanting more HD channels.  Nice customer service 🙂

Associated Press

Yet when he tuned in Sci Fi HD for a recent episode filmed in high definition, the image was soft and the darkest parts broke up into large blocks with no definition. Explosions, he said, were just dull."It kind of looked like they took the standard definition and just blew it up," said Swanson, a 33-year-old graphic designer and videographer who subscribes to Comcast Corp.’s TV service. "I couldn’t really tell if what I was seeing was really better than what I saw on regular television."