Logitech Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote

And there was one remote to rule them all! I have yet to get my hands on the One myself so I can’t be sure how the remote holds. It looks to me it is not a suitable replacement for the 880/890 series of remotes. Perhaps I am just in love with my 880, I am not sure. Without a SideShow version, I think this remote is a flop.. or a slide out keyboard… or.. well you know the list goes on :).


I’ll say right off the bat, there’s a lot to like in terms of the hardware itself. The remote has a nice, even grip and is almost a pleasure to hold (and you’ll know just how much soon enough – it attracts a lot of fingerprints). There have been a lot of improvements with the Harmony line along the years (with the Harmony 1000 being my personal exception), and I would go as far to say that the One may be one of the most usable remotes Logitech has released yet.