HTPC Tip Of The Day: Getting Started With MythTV


Dipping your toes into the MythTV/Linux waters can be a daunting outlook. However, with some patience you too can enjoy a Media Center based around everyone’s favorite open source software. Since even the Linux noobs laugh at my Linux knowledge, I let John, our Myth expert, supply me with a few links to get you started. Have any other helpful […]

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HTPC Tip Of The Day: Playing ROMs


If you happen to have a collection of ROMs that you are itching to play on your spiffy new Media Center PC, there are a couple of solutions available to you in VMC and one availble in Sage. First up is EMUCenter. TGB Thread  It is a bit fiddly to setup but works quite well and is programmed with MCML. […]

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Life With a Plugin, Episode 5: MiraWorldTV


A large buzz has been surrounding Internet TV since you could first hookup your computer with internet into your television. It got so large that even Microsoft couldn’t continue to ignore it and actually started shoving it down users throats (don’t remember anyone asking you if you wanted that "Internet TV beta" app on your TV+Movies menu, do you?). That […]

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HTPC Tip Of The Day: WHS Front End


After getting all of your media setup, your users in place, and your backups going, you may wonder what is next for your WHS install. The next step I took is to get your personal website going. I will get into this a bit more in my future building log episodes. The website will allow you to remote in to […]

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Recorded TV Manager Brings Windows Home Server and MCE Closer Together

Third party product could bring the expected functionality between WHS and MCE that most users feel should already be there. Ehomeupgrade If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s to never assume anything. For instance, don’t assume that because the same company built two products that they’ll work well together. This is doubly true when speaking about Microsoft. Specifically, Windows Home […]

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Close Encounters of the Blured Kind

Apparently someone out there claims to be leaking pictures and video of Windows 7, and what makes it interesting Media Center news is that their newest video appears to show off some "new" VMC features.  Unfortunatly, as with most leaks, this video is (intentionally?) very blurry, so its hard to tell exactly whats going on.  Engadget And we do have to say, […]

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The Daily Button – January 28th, 2008

I am much to sick to be witty and cheerful today. How about we cut to the news instead? Deal? Ok. Video Card News: AMD Radeon HD 3870 X2 review at The Tech Report and Hardocp Video Card News: Display port replacing DVI @ Tom’s hardware   Home Automation News: Home Automation for the MAC finally arrives @ Ehomeupgrade MP3 […]

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HTPC Tip Of The Day: CableCard Resources

If you are thinking of getting into the CableCard game, here are a few resources that should help you on your way. Thanks to Chris Lanier for his hardwork in gathering a lot of this information and support on the TGB forums. Dell XPS 420 CAbleCard Q&A General Vista Media Center CableCard FAQ @ Chris L’s Blog Don’t take "NO" […]

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