AMD’s Strategy for Bringing HD to the Masses

ATI is doing their part to get the word out about HD. Giz has a short interview with AMD’s CTO about their 2008 plans. Not mentioned is their upcoming IGP that supports UVD.  Gizmodo The Puma mobile chipset, due out in Q2 of this year, is able to play the Transformers HD DVD (intense MPEG-4 AVC) and still have 40% […]

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Alan’s Building Log Episode #2


As I mentioned in Episode #1 , I spent sometime integrating the XPS 420 and accessories into my home theater. I decided to snap a couple pictures from my build log to show. Other then that, I really dhaven’t spent much time on my HTPC except to watcha few music videos from Yougle . I had intended to use the […]

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TGB @ CES: A Discussion with Jessica Zahn

Jessica Zahn, a program manager at MS for the Media Center team sat down with TGB to discuss a range of Media Center topics. Nothing too much of susbtance except that DVD streaming will be a reality. We have no idea when, but Jessica confirmed it is already working. TGB Xbox 360 Media Center Extender Move on, there isn’t much […]

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CES Bits Today – 1080i Capture Card!

First up, let me point you to a SageTV thread that has a couple of interesting tidbits but are lacking serious details. In this post, Andy (Opus4) states that Sage is at the Echostar booth. I wonder what Sage has up their sleeve, perhaps a partnership with Echostar? In the Echostar booth (Central Hall 9021) there’s a technology demo with […]

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DirectTV PC Tuner


Someone at DBSTalk forums has received scans of the long-promised DirecTV PC Tuner! Looks like this might come out soon folks! Link to picture of tuner and discussion thread @ DBS Talk       

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