AMD’s Strategy for Bringing HD to the Masses

ATI is doing their part to get the word out about HD. Giz has a short interview with AMD’s CTO about their 2008 plans. Not mentioned is their upcoming IGP that supports UVD. 


The Puma mobile chipset, due out in Q2 of this year, is able to play the Transformers HD DVD (intense MPEG-4 AVC) and still have 40% to 60% of the processor left over. Normal laptops today use almost 100% of their processors on Transformers, and still drop tons of frames.

They also have a hands on with Ricavisions Sideshow remote.


We’ve seen Ricavision’s Sideshow Remotes before (and even got hands-on with their previous concept SideShow remote), but this is the first time we’ve fondled the commercial version that’s coming next year.