SageTV Theme: Sage Pro UI theme for Standard STV 6.3


The SageTV train seems to be picking up some speed with the recent release of Photshop Elements plugin and now a new theme. The Pro UI is based on gplasky’s old Meedio theme Pro UI. I think we can find the basis to many themes rooted in Meedio themes. SageTV Forums Unzip the package into your Program Files\SageTV\SageTV\STVs\SageTV3\Themes folder. In […]

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WebGuide for Windows Home Server released


I was sure WebGuide for Home Server had been released before but according to his site, this happened on 1-18-2008. Hrm, I am sure someone will correct me, but if you are looking to get a bit more functionality out of your WHS box, be sure to install this newest WebGuide. WebGuide WebGuide for Windows Home Server enables you to […]

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