Life With a Plugin, Episode 4: MCE Weather


A lot of plugins are developed because it could be a very simple feature which is for some reason omitted from Media Center itself. That’s the feeling I get when I think of MCE Weather. It’s probably one of the simpler features that can be very useful and yet easily displayed/controlled from the 10′ UI. Fortunately for us, developers exist […]

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Alan’s Building Log Episode #4


HTPC Update Late Saturday night, with nary a problem in sight, I set about making sure everything was in running order prior to the cable company coming to install CableCards on Monday. I broke out the keyboard and was really just playing about wondering what plugins I should start installing. I toured around the device manager to ensure everything was […]

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Media Portal Skin: LCARS Wide


Continuing our weekend of plugins and skins, we have a Media Portal skin that is sure to wet the panties of any Star Trek fanatic. Seriously, this is a very well done skin that is made to emulate an old school Star Trek experience. Media Portal The skin has amazing animations for a REAL Startrek feeling. No more hints at […]

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