Life With a Plugin, Episode 7: Remote Scheduling


Remote Scheduling allows you to view your TV guide listings & modify your Media Center recordings from anywhere in the world. Currently, there’s only two real players in this category. One is Microsoft’s Remote Record, and the other (Webguide), well…got bought out by Microsoft. Both are useful in their own way, and I’ve found a happy medium in using both […]

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CentOS 5.1: Pimped

CentOS 5.1 Pimped

We’ve covered a slim CentOS install, converted to using a flash drive, and even enabled SSH and VNC remote administration.  Now it’s time to do some optimization and customizing of your install.  We will learn about how to speed up the boot process, tweaking Xfce’s start up time, and even some adjustments to Xfce’s look and feel.  Interested?  Then let’s […]

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Asus goes HDMI crazy with new sound cards

Asus is set to add some very HTPC friendly sound cards equipped with HDMI! Lots of juicy info in the article but it really doesn’t say if it will play nice with Blu-ray discs. TG Daily After four hours of meetings with different departments, we walked out thoroughly impressed with the effort that Asus is making on all fronts. Without […]

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HTPC Tip Of The Day: Building Basics


A lot of people prefer to build their own HTPC. There are a few different reasons for this including customization, cheaper then an OEM PC, and hardware choice. Of course the most important reason is because it is fun! Even though my latest HTPC is of the Dell variety, I still tweak and build when ever I have the time […]

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New Release: MyNetflix v2.1 Beta

While browsing my usual sites this morning, I noticed that Anthony Park has released a new MyNetflix Beta:). They biggy for me is he added "select episode" from the Watch Now on a TV series. That was my only beef with the plugin and now that has been solved. Of course, now I have to revise my review notes :p. […]

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Extended Warranties: Buy or Avoid?


From the editors at Electronic House. Electronic House Extended warranties are the dirty little secret of the consumer electronics industry. Everyone says they’re a bad deal, and no one wants to admit to purchasing them, but someone is buying them. Electronics stores do make a lot of money on these warranties. People buy them inappropriately, or fail to use them […]

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