CyberEStore Contest – Winner!!

After a thorough radomizing of the entries, a winner has been pulled.  Everyone please congradulate "bsieve" as the winner of the Autumn Wave OnAir GT tuner gratiously provided by  Thanks again for all those that entered.  We hope to run another contest in the not too distant future, so please stay tuned!  

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CyberEStore Contest! (Part Deux)


We’ve decided to extend the CyberEStore contest another 2 weeks to allow more people to participate.  Signing up is easy!  Just visit CyberEStore and browse around.  Pick three (3) items that appeal to you and post them in the forum contest thread.  That’s all!  Now that we have had our chocolate fix, take a few moments to enter.  You’ll be […]

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CyberEStore Contest!


It’s once again time to have another MissingRemote contest.  This time the prize is provided graciously by CyberEStore.  To participate, simply browse the CyberEStore’s web site, pick three (3) items you wish you could have and post them in the forum contest thread.  That’s it!  Take some time to browse all the sections as they have a wide variety of […]

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MythTV vs. SageTV Smackdown: Part II


In my prior article, I discussed several topics to consider prior to using either HTPC software package.  This included features, cost, flexible topology, and OS friendliness.  Today, we will cover some of the differences that are found once the software is installed. DOCUMENTATION/SUPPORT: Nothing can be more frustrating than to find yourself beating your head against the wall due to […]

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Transition Time

Those of us who have the privilege of having a significant other also have the distinct joy of ensuring our media system design meets their specific requirements.  This has been referred to in the past as the "Wife Acceptance Factor" or WAF.  I’m not talking about whether it’s a 720p or 1080p display or what RAID level the drives are […]

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Merry Christmas!

I’m not one to be overly politically correct, so here goes… From the family here at Missing Remote to yours, I want to wish you a merry Christmas.  We do appreciate you hanging around our neck of the internet.  You, the community, are what makes this site so special.  Thanks for the effort you put forth submitting news, answering questions, […]

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SageTV V6.5.5 Release Candidate is Here!

Time to get your new SageTV features on.  Some of the key updates are listed below.   Enabled switching between different audio tracks for MKV, ASF, MOV and AVI files when playing back with the HD Media Extender (firmware update required) Preserve watched information when doing a content reindex Program Guide data options for a tuner: choosing to use an […]

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CableCARD (still) goes unloved, except in set-top boxes

Ah, the joy that is CableCARD keeps rearing it’s ugly head.  How could something that was meant to work in the consumer’s favor get so far off the rails?  It’s no surprise that people aren’t choosing to use them in anything but set top boxes.   Cablevision’s numbers, for instance, show that its CableCARD deployments increased by less than one […]

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Unboxing: SageTV HD Theater (HD200)

HD200 - Front

There has been quite some speculation on the SageTV forums about what the next gen SageTV HD extender would encompass since it’s existence was "leaked" in late September.  Everything from an onboard Blu-Ray player, external IR sensor, to a significant reduction in cost was mentioned.  In the end when the HD200 was revealed, what we got was a more compact […]

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Ars Ultimate Home Theater PC Guide: 1080p HDMI Edition

Not a bad article which covers several aspects of planning a HTPC install.   It has been over three and a half years since the HTPC has gone mainstream. Today, the HTPC front-end is fairly well established, with a slick interface and a compact, living-room-friendly form factor, and it’s reliable enough that you rarely notice it’s there. Toss in working HDMI for […]

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