CyberEStore Contest! (Part Deux)


We’ve decided to extend the CyberEStore contest another 2 weeks to allow more people to participate.  Signing up is easy!  Just visit CyberEStore and browse around.  Pick three (3) items that appeal to you and post them in the forum contest thread.  That’s all!  Now that we have had our chocolate fix, take a few moments to enter.  You’ll be glad you did.

1. The contest ends at 9:00 pm mountain time on April 26th

2. Only one entry per person

3. To be considered valid, the post should list 3 separate items which are available to purchase from

The winner will be notified via email that is on their account and a posting on the front page of

5. will be giving away one Autumn Wave OnAir GT

6. You must be a resident of the US to claim this prize

Thank you for your readership and good luck in the contest!


150x109-images-stories-products-tv_tuners-onair_gt-gallery-4_onair_gt_group_shot.jpg 150x115-images-stories-products-tv_tuners-onair_gt-gallery-1_onair_gt_standing_side.jpg