HP MediaSmart 2.5 Update to include Placeshifting

HP has seen fit to include a bunch of new tools in their latest update to the MediaSmart line. The first one is the iStream iPod application that streams music, videos and photos directly from your home server. The second tool is a Video converter that will convert higher qyality videos into a mobile friendly size. There is a number […]

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ZuneHD Coming Soon!?

Through some confirmed rumors it looks like there is a new zune on the way to compete with the ipod touch.  One of the few features known as this time seems to be a display with a 1.85:1 aspect ratio.  I’m sure the CIH nuts out there will appreciate that.   Uh. Looks like something is happening — big time […]

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CyberEStore Contest! (Part Deux)


We’ve decided to extend the CyberEStore contest another 2 weeks to allow more people to participate.  Signing up is easy!  Just visit CyberEStore and browse around.  Pick three (3) items that appeal to you and post them in the forum contest thread.  That’s all!  Now that we have had our chocolate fix, take a few moments to enter.  You’ll be […]

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