TV a Day

So NewEgg is giving away a TV a Day. I don’t know if you guys had seen this yet, but I figured I have as good a shot with you guys in the drawing or without, so there are a few more days of drawings left if you all want to sign up.     One Grand Prize One (1) […]

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CyberEStore Contest!


It’s once again time to have another MissingRemote contest.  This time the prize is provided graciously by CyberEStore.  To participate, simply browse the CyberEStore’s web site, pick three (3) items you wish you could have and post them in the forum contest thread.  That’s it!  Take some time to browse all the sections as they have a wide variety of […]

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  With the change over to digital television coming ever closer in the US, it is important to be aware of some of the options out there for digital converter boxes.  Today we will have a look at an offering from Winegard.   Specifications For your viewing pleasure, we start off with a video of the unboxing of the converter […]

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vmcPlayIt – PlayOn media server front-end for VMC

From the author of the vmcNetflix plugin. You’ll need the PlayOn digital media server software however, which after the 14 day trial runs out will cost you $40.   vmcPlayIt is an add-in for Microsoft Windows Vista Media Center which provides a front-end interface to the PlayOn digital media server software for Vista Media Center PCs and Extenders.  The PlayOn […]

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Windows Home Server Power Pack 2 Is Here

Bug fixes are always good, but what really sets this release is the integration with Media Center.  As a Sage user, this get a bit of a ::yawn:: from me, but I know the Media Center folks will be pleased…  of course, with some gripes about whatever MS hasn’t added yet.  😉   The great news is that new in […]

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A humorous website

A friend recently went my wife a link to a website we had not seen before.  The name of the site is and I wanted to make sure that all of you see it also.  Beware though, it’s not a website that is workplace friendly.

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GE Analog to Digital converter


  The digital TV changeover is coming.  It’s been delayed a bit, but the train is coming down the tracks.  In order to be prepared for the inevitable, today we are going to see how the analog to digital converter box from GE fits our needs. INTRODUCTION As you’ve most likely heard by now, broadcast television in the US is […]

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