SageTV V6.5.11 Beta 2/25/2009

Blu-ray playback via extender anyone? That’s right SageTV is keeping up with the Jones with a new beta sure to please HD fans. You will also find the new MPEG demux with accurate seeking is back. SageTV Forum Post Media Extender Updates 1. Added support for BluRary BDMV folder playback on the HD media extender. This only plays the main […]

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Life With A Plugin Episode 19: Radiotime


If you remember the days of the initial Windows Media Center with that wonderfully never used Radio button, then you will be pleased to see that there’s a plugin created which aims to increase the power of that. Of course, as I hinted, I don’t know many people who have or ever use an actual FM tuner inside the Media […]

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EyeTV Hybrid

For those of you who want to add TV support to your Mac, Testfreaks has a review up of the EyeTV Hybrid.   The programming software is pretty straight forward yet very robust, if you want to just use the basic features, then the EyeTV Hybrid functions like a standard PVR, but when you get “under the hood” of the […]

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7 Ways to Save on Home Theater

This article has some good points for those looking to put together a nice home theater on a budget.  It’s worth a look in my opinion.   2. Do Your Research It’s often assumed that the most expensive systems are the best performers, but this is not always the case. In fact, much of the time, you have to have […]

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Boxee CAN (and will) Survive without Hulu


News broke last week from both Boxee and Hulu camps that effective immediately, Boxee was no longer allowed to utilize Hulu’s offerings–arguably a large reason a lot of folks began using Boxee. Hulu integration on Boxee was way ahead of anyone else and allowed you to watch any and all Hulu TV shows streamed from your remote control. Some have […]

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Life With a Plugin, Episode 17: MyDrinks


One of the reasons I began this series was to expose the community to those smaller and less well known applications. The type that would be "must have’s" for 10 out of 100 people. I think MyDrinks would classify as that, so I hope you are all part of that 10, or if you’re more then we sure have a […]

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